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About Ivanhoe Estate

Proudly the first major project being delivered under the NSW Government’s Future Directions Policy and the Communities Plus Program, the redevelopment of Ivanhoe Estate at Macquarie Park (corner of Herring Road and Epping Road) will see a well located, socially integrated community come to life over the next 10 to 12 years.

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is working with Frasers Property Australia and Mission Australia Housing to create a new community featuring world-leading sustainability, quality community facilities and beautiful public open spaces.

These organisations are leaders in their fields and are well-positioned to deliver the NSW Government’s strategy to create more community housing, a better community housing experience and more opportunities and support for community housing residents at Ivanhoe Estate.

About Communities Plus

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Ivanhoe Estate is the first major project of Communities Plus, Australia’s largest community housing reform program. Communities Plus will:

  • Deliver more housing and a better community housing experience, with more opportunities and incentives to avoid or move beyond community housing.
  • Develop new mixed communities where community housing blends seamlessly with private and affordable housing, offering better access to transport and employment, improved community facilities and open spaces.


Ivanhoe’s role delivering communities plus

As the first major project being delivered under the NSW Government’s $22 billion Communities Plus program, the project will increase the supply of community housing properties.

Tenant relocations started in January 2016 and are now complete. Experienced LAHC staff assisted residents to move, ensuring each relocation was managed in a sensitive manner. These former residents have the option to return to the new community housing dwellings at Ivanhoe should they wish.

The vision for Ivanhoe Estate

Ivanhoe is an evidence-based model for an inclusive and integrated community that provides vital homes and a neighbourhood for people from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

It will be an inclusive, welcoming and connected community where everyone is encouraged to interact, enjoy the outdoor spaces and take advantage of the range of amenities offered. Importantly, there will also be a focus on providing training and employment opportunities for social and affordable housing residents.

The partnership behind the creation of this new community, between the NSW Government, the community housing sector and the private sector, will transform dated social housing into a range of new community and affordable homes, integrated into a unique new neighbourhood which takes advantage of the considerable transport, amenity and employment opportunities at Macquarie Park.  

The holistic, design-led environmental and social sustainability approach of the partnership will create a new mixed tenure community model that represents a better answer to Sydney’s housing needs and pave the way for new solutions to housing issues in Australia and around the world.

Ivanhoe’s future facilities:

  • Residential aged care facility
  • seniors’ wellness centre
  • new primary school
  • two childcare centres
  • supermarket
  • specialty retail shops
  • town plaza
  • cafés
  • nature-based playgrounds and exercise stations
  • skate park
  • community gardens
  • basketball court
  • open green spaces
  • gym and swimming pool
  • jogging track
  • community centre
  • new road connecting Herring Road with Lyonpark Road
  • new bridge over Shrimptons Creek


Creating a community for everyone

Creating a community for everyone is more than providing a diverse range of housing options to suit all resident groups. It is also about preserving and enhancing the local environment, improving transport access into Ivanhoe, and connecting residents to a range of programs and services.

Environmental enhancements:

  • Revitalisation of Shrimptons Creek
  • Enhancement of existing vegetation along Shrimptons Creek and Epping Road
  • Preservation of Sydney Turpentine Ironbark trees
  • Installation of a roof top solar PV to generate renewable energy on-site


Improving transportation access:

  • Signalisation of the Herring Road and Ivanhoe Place Intersection
  • Upgrade of the Epping Road and Herring Road Intersection
  • New vehicle and pedestrian connection to Epping Road
  • New vehicle and pedestrian connection to Lyonpark Road
  • New pedestrian connection to Peach Tree Road


Social support for residents:

  • Mission Australia Housing will assist residents in accessing the services, educational support and employment opportunities they need
  • Services will be tailored to meet each residents’ specific needs
  • A key focus will be developing partnerships to facilitate economic and social participation



The approved masterplan is for more than 3000 new dwellings, with at least 950 new community housing dwellings and 128 affordable homes.




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